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At Nexon Game Studio, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of gaming and delivering experiences that captivate players. Whether you need a cutting-edge VR game, an innovative Metaverse experience, or a simple yet addictive mobile game, our skilled team is ready to make your gaming vision a reality.

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We Offer

Hire Unity Developer

Find the perfect Unity developer to bring your game ideas to life. Our team of skilled Unity developers has extensive experience in creating games for various platforms, ensuring seamless gameplay and top-notch performance. Whether you need a seasoned Unity expert or a talented newcomer, we have the right talent to suit your project requirements.

Hire Game Artist

Unlock the creativity of our game artists by hiring them for your next project. Our game artists are well-versed in various art styles and can create captivating visuals that complement your game's theme and mechanics. From concept art to character design and environment illustrations, our game artists are passionate about transforming ideas into captivating visuals.

Hire VR Developer

Step into the realm of Virtual Reality with our skilled VR developers. Our VR developers have a deep understanding of VR technologies and can create immersive experiences that transport players into virtual worlds. Whether it's for gaming, training, or simulations, our VR developers can build experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Hire 3D Animator

Animate your game characters and environments with the expertise of our 3D animators. Our animators bring life and personality to your game's assets, creating fluid and realistic animations that enhance the overall gaming experience. With a keen eye for detail, our 3D animators ensure that every movement feels natural and captivating.

Hire 2D Animator

For games with a 2D art style, our 2D animators excel in creating dynamic and expressive animations. From character movements to special effects, our 2D animators add charm and excitement to your game. Whether it's a casual mobile game or a narrative-driven adventure, our 2D animators have the skills to elevate your game.

Game Development

Hire 3D Modeler

Enrich your game with intricate and detailed 3D models by hiring our expert 3D modelers. Our 3D modelers create assets that are visually appealing and optimized for performance. From characters and props to architectural elements, our 3D modelers ensure that your game's visuals are impressive and immersive.

Hire 3D Artist

Bring an artistic touch to your game development team by hiring our talented 3D artists. Our 3D artists have a keen sense of aesthetics and can create stunning visual compositions. Whether it's texturing, lighting, or overall scene composition, our 3D artists make your game world come alive with their artistic flair.

Hire Game Designer

Craft captivating and engaging gameplay experiences with the expertise of our game designers. Our game designers conceptualize game mechanics, levels, and challenges that keep players entertained and hooked. They work closely with the development team to ensure that your game offers a well-balanced and enjoyable experience.

Hire Character Designer

Create memorable and iconic characters with the skill of our character designers. Our character designers breathe life into your game's cast, crafting unique and relatable characters that players will connect with. From concept sketches to final designs, our character designers ensure that your game's characters leave a lasting impression.

Hire Game Developer

When you need a versatile and skilled game developer, look no further than our team. Our game developers are adept at bringing your ideas to fruition, whether it's coding gameplay mechanics, implementing AI systems, or optimizing performance. Our game developers are passionate about creating games that leave players enthralled.

Game Development Company

Process Our End-To-End
Game Development Process


Requirement Collection

In this stage, the development team collects and understands the client's needs and expectations for the game. This includes defining gameplay mechanics, features, platforms, and technical specifications. Clear communication and documentation of these requirements are crucial for guiding the entire development process.



Effective planning sets the project's course. It involves creating a development timeline, allocating resources, and defining milestones. The planning phase also addresses potential risks and mitigation strategies. A well-structured plan helps ensure that the game stays on track and aligns with the client's vision.


Visual Design and Asset Creation

This phase focuses on bringing the game's visual and audio elements to life. Artists create concept art to establish the game's aesthetic. Meanwhile, asset production involves crafting characters, environments, animations, and sound effects. High-quality assets enhance the game's appeal and user experience.


Gaming Construction and Examination

The development phase involves actual coding, where developers implement gameplay mechanics, user interfaces, and connect assets to the game engine. Concurrently, rigorous testing takes place, uncovering bugs, glitches, and balance issues. Thorough testing ensures a polished and stable game ready for launch.


Assistance & Sustaining

After the game's release, ongoing support is essential. This includes addressing post-launch bugs, releasing patches, and providing technical assistance to players. Timely and responsive support maintains player satisfaction and preserves the game's reputation.


Dynamic Game Management and Revenue Generation

Once the game is live, ongoing operations involve managing servers, monitoring player engagement, and introducing updates. Monetization strategies, such as in-app purchases, subscriptions, or cosmetic items, can sustain the game financially. Monitoring player feedback and market trends helps shape these strategies effectively.

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